Keeping kids minds engaged during the Summer months is important for their academic growth. Although it can be difficult to get kids to explore math during

their Summer holidays, there are ways to incorporate math into activities that are anything but boring!

Here are 5 fun activities that kids can do to keep their math mind sharp this Summer.


1. News Paper Forts

  • Gather some old newspapers, grab some tape, and get creative!

  • Roll up newspapers to create pillars and tape them together to build a fort.

  • This activity will teach kids how to build a strong structure in a fun and interactive way.

2. Puzzles

  • Whether it's a 10 piece or 100 piece puzzle, this activity is a great way to practice spatial reasoning and can really sharpen the mathematical mind.

3. Lego Patterns

  • create patterns with Legos or other building blocks. Practice by colour, number or any other pattern you can think of!

4. Pretend Store

  • to practice counting money and making change, set up a pretend store.

  • The store could sell toys, lemonade, stuffed animals, etc. (get creative!)

  • Ask kids to make change, or depending on their age/grade level, ask them to verify the amount they are given by counting coins.

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While students are looking forward to Summer Vacation and time off school, parents are worried about that one dreaded statement – “I’m bored!”

For kids who love music and expressing their creativity, online guitar lessons would be a fantastic option to keep them busy and engaged all Summer long!


1. Creativity

  • Guitar lessons can provide kids with the opportunity to express their creativity and put their energy into a skill and hobby that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

  • Music is a create stress reliever, outlet, and confidence builder. 

2. Motivated to Practice

  • Kids who take online guitar lessons will have the help of their instructor to motivate them to practice between weekly lessons.

  • This gives kids something to plan into their weeks, and will provide an activity that does not involve a screen.

3. Favorite Songs

  • At Online Math and Guitar, our online guitar lessons are focused on teaching kids songs they love, while mixing in theory and, skills and techniques in a fun and approachable way.
  • Sign-up for online Summer guitar lessons today!

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Tests and exams can bring about anxiety and worry for even the most confident students. No matter a student’s grades, a test/exam prep tutor could be beneficial.

Here are some reasons why having this extra support could be useful:


1. Gain test/exam-taking skills

  • A test/exam prep tutor can help a student create test-taking skills that will help them throughout their academic career.

  • Having a tutor can help ease test/exam anxiety and provide students with a resource to learn about test-taking skills.

2. Focused study sessions

  • It can be easy to get distracted when studying for a test or exam.

  • Having a test/exam prep tutor can help students by providing them with a set day and time period for which they can use to solely focus on preparing for a test/exam.

3. Motivational Boost

  • A test/exam prep tutor can point students in the right direction and give them the tools they need in order to break down these seemingly overwhelming and impossible tasks.

  • This will give the student a boost of motivation to be able to prepare for the test or exam in the most effective way possible.

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Have you been wanting to learn the guitar, but have no idea where to start?

Learning a new skill of any kind can be a daunting task, but these 3 tips may make learning the guitar a little more approachable. 


1. Find an instructor that fits your style

  • It is important when learning an instrument that you find an instructor with whom you feel comfortable with and that fits your style of learning.

  • This will motivate you and allow you to learn from someone that recognizes your learning goals and how to get you there.

2. Start small and simple

  • Picking simple songs and techniques to start out with will allow you to achieve small goals from the beginning and increase your motivation to play and keep building on your skills.

3. Consistent practicing is the key

  • Consistent practicing will ensure that you are always progressing to the next level and also allows your instructor to keep your progress moving with new skills, techniques, chords and songs during each of your lessons.

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Why do students prefer Contemporary over Traditional Guitar Lessons?

Traditional music lessons are a way of teaching music that is often more rigid in style, works students toward passing tests and focusses heavily on learning to read sheet music and music theory. However, contemporary music lessons tend to focus more on learning the style of music that you enjoy in a fun and approachable way, while mixing in theory as necessary.


1. Creativity - learn familiar songs

  • Students love creativity and the idea of learning your favourite songs gets you excited and eager to practice.

2. Less Stress 

  • Students want to learn to play an instrument in an approachable, non-competitive and less academic environment.

3. FUN

  • You’re someone who wants to learn to play music in a fun way, with no pressure to write exams.

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With there being many private schools to choose from, here are good reasons to enrol in Online Math and Guitar for all your guitar lessons and math tutoring. 


1. Professional Instructors - considered role models

  • We carefully hire qualified instructors who have the expertise and proficiency in math and guitar.
  • The teachers have great communication skills and are considered role models for the students.
  • We have regular meetings with our instructors to discuss accomplishments, issues and concerns. 

2. Online Lesson Structure - above an beyond the 1/2 hour lesson

  • Our weekly lessons are posted as 1/2-hour long, but really 45-minutes plus.
  • Instructors are online 5 minutes prior to the start time to greet the students, and 10 minutes after to complete a lesson plan/practicing schedule.
  • In between lessons, instructors review and map out action plans. 

3. Foundation of Essential Skills - top of list for importance

  • Whether it is math or guitar learning, getting back-to-the-basics, in order to to develop a foundation of essential skills, is key in moving forward to advance skills.
  • Advancing skills to the next level is also important to keep the student challenged. 
  • For example, with Math Tutoring, it is not unusual to teach a Grade 5 student, not challenged by the curriculum, Grade 7/8 math. With our Guitar Lessons, it is common to teach a beginner practical rock and blues scales and riffs.

4. Educational and FUN - key to a winning combination

  • Creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere is most important to learning.
  • Education, in this type of setting, opens the doors for accomplishing any math skills or guitar techniques.
  • With our Guitar Lessons, we work towards learning your favorite songs and riffs. With Math Tutoring, we like to prepare you and monitor test results by using software that gives awards for achievements. 

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Whether you’re playing sports, getting ready for a vocal performance, or playing guitar, warming up is essential to ensure you can perform your best. When you include a warm-up in your practice routine, you will be better equipped to play your more challenging songs, and overall improve your guitar playing.

Here are some of the best guitar warm-up techniques for beginners. 


1. Warm-up and Stretch your Hands 

  • Getting your hands warmed up before playing will help you be able to move your fingers around more easily and reduce the risk of injury or strain on your hands and fingers.
  • Stretch each finger by bending it backwards slightly (you should not feel any pain, only a slight stretch).
  • Warm-up your wrists by rotating them clockwise and counter clockwise.
  • Squeeze a tennis ball to get the muscles in your hands activated and warmed-up.

2. Fretboard Walk-up/Down

  • Routine is helpful for children in many aspects. Creating a homework schedule will help get them into a routine of when to do their homework.
  • Customize this schedule based on your child’s personal needs. Some kids work better directly after school, while some will work better after having some down time or after dinner.

3. Scales and Simple Tabs

  • Another great way to warm-up is by playing a scale that you know, such as the pentatonic scale. Play the scale up and down, back and forth, until you can start to feel your fingers loosen up.
  • You could also use a very simple tab as your warm up. Maybe it's smoke on the water, or the intro to your favourite song. Whatever it is, make sure it is simple and slow to avoid any injury or strain on your fingers and hands.

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