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During the tutoring sessions, we focus on the student's current grade or fast-track to a higher level. 

We follow-up with a weekly lesson plan summarizing the lesson material covered.

For Grades 3-8, we follow the local school curriculum and assist with the student's homework requirements.

For Grades 9-12, we offer tutoring and homework support for the following courses:

Grade 9 - Principles of Mathematics (MPM1D)

Grade 9 - Foundations of Mathematics (MFM1P)

Grade 10 - Principles of Mathematics (MPM2D)

Grade 10 - Foundations of Mathematics (MFM2P)

Grade 11 - Functions (MCR3U)

Grade 11 - Functions and Applications (MCF3M)

Grade 11 - Foundations of College Mathematics (MBF3C)

Grade 12 - Foundations of College Mathematics (MAP4C)

Grade 12 - Advanced Functions (MHF4U)

Grade 12 - Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)